Fans Are Not Happy With The Judging Panel Of Mnet Kingdom Episode 7

Controversy broke out because of the live judging panel of Mnet Kingdom episode 7.

On may 13th episode seven of Kingdom kicked off round three with the first performances of its highly anticipated collaboration battle. However, controversy broke out because of the live judging panel. Accordingly, korean fans and netizens were extremely unsatisfied with them, nets way of choosing judging experts.

Specifically, the judging panel is said to not have enough capability to evaluate the rap battle section. Out of the 33 guest judges, only Rhymer, the president of brand new music, has expertise in rap. Some fans commented that the panel was captivated by the flashy idols rapper performance of May Fly that they neglect the quality hip hop performance of It’s one.

Rhymer – CEO of Brand News Music

With Bobby is the winner of Show Me the Money season three plus the other two members who have experienced in high school rappers. The group failure has gathered many opposing opinions.

Second, the fact that kingdoms judging panel includes rookie Idols has made many fans uncomfortable. Many viewers find it strange that rookie Idols can sit in the judging panel and grade. They’re seniors who have worked hard for many years to achieve success. Others are annoyed when they see the rookie Idol judges watching with excessive unprofessional reactions..

Rookie panel exessive reaction

Knet Reactions:

Bobby’s goal from the beginning was to fuel these kids’ desire to improve their rapping. He was also able to show it well on stage, but it was a pity that it was not recognized by them. I wish they were free to do what they wanted. But no matter how regrettable it is, I don’t think it’s advisable to hate other teams for that.

iKON, The Boyz, and SF9 did a good job of rapping stage. I don’t mean to lash out at other teams, but the more I watch it, the more I don’t understand what this show is trying to do!!

I really think the rap part of ‘Mayfly’…. isn’t really that impressive. They only focused on the sentence ‘Paint Play Paint Play’. The only rap team that did well today was ‘It’s One’.

Really, the ‘It’s One’ team is at the level of ‘Show Me The Money’. And it’s great that Bobby doesn’t give himself too many parts but gives more performances to Hwiyoung and Sunwoo – who are less popular than him.

‘It’s One’ is real hip hop, ‘Mayfly’ does well at idol rapper standards.

‘It’s One’ is amazing to perform with an audience. It really has the aura of ‘Show Me The Money’.

But how many of the experts are there with real rapping skills? Only Rhymer?!!!Honestly, I don’t understand why Bobby’s team lost.’I don’t know whether to judge or go to an idol concert!!’,

‘Many of you have really ridiculous reactions!!

There’s no professionalism at all!’,

‘It’s so weird that you’re holding paper and writing like that, you want attention?!!’,

‘This cast makes up more than half of the 33 reviewers , then why are the results so unfair!’,

‘It’s so different to see talented people with rookie idol reactions!’,

‘Honestly, it’s not their fault but Mnet’s, I think why are you inviting the newly debuted groups to judge their seniors with years of experience?!!

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