Backlash Regarding iKON Bobby Comment Supporting B.I Comeback On Instagram

A seemingly simple action from the iKON member Bobby toward his former bandmade cause a stir on Korean Newsite and Forum

On May 16, Bobby of Ikon, took to Instagram and commented on a post made by former groupmate. Recently, B.I just released the MV for his new comeback track, “Got It Like That”, produced by The Stereotypes, B.I, Destiny Rogers, and Tyla Yaweh.

Under a promotional post, Bobby commented, “lets goooooooo”, to congratulate his bandmate.

Soon after, B.I quickly responded by leaving a heart icon. This interaction of B.I and Bobby made the fandom of iKON’s extremely excited and moved, but Korean media reported on this situation with a controversial title: “iKON Bobby, openly support the return of a person who left the group, YG’s true friendship that even drugs can’t stop””.

The content of the article specifically mentioned B.I’s marijuana scandal in the past. the author also confirmed that this is not the first time Bobby has publicly expressed his admiration for B.I, even after this member left the group due to a scandal.

Bobby’s comment and Newsen’s article title created a wave of controversy on many Korean Forums. Some people think that Bobby should have sent a private message to support B.I, because leaving a public comment where everyone can see it, can make the audience feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, a part of Korean netizens disagreed with Newsen’s offensive article, and protect the member of iKON.

  1. The article title is crazy!

2. I know they’re close, but commenting on Instagram is not a good idea. Please send messages via KakaoTalk

3. This reporter is an anti..?

4. He used drugs.. But whether their relationship stops or not is up to them to decide. For reference, I hate iKON

5. They can’t talk via KakaoTalk?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Please think of the fans

6. I’m curious, but I think I saw an article that said he didn’t use drugs. What is it?

7. Boycott iKON

8. Let’s boycott YG, I like BLACKPINK’s songs, but I boycott YG

9. At least they shouldn’t do anything to harm the group..

10. Why can you be friendly with a criminal…?

Source: theqoo

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