GOT7 JB Shocked Fans With Revealing Photos During Instagram Livestream

The Leader of GOT7 has got himself in trouble during a livestream with fans

On the late night of May 13th, the leader of GOT7, JB, had a live stream with fans on his personal instagram. The story would have ended there if the male idol didn’t change the camera angle, and revealed the wall in his room.

Netizens were shocked by what they have seen. The wall was filled with revealing pictures of women’s bodies opposing sensitively. Immediately, the images from JB Livestream have stormed social networks, becoming a topic of discussion with many mixed opinions.

Image taken from the livestream

Many fans defended him, saying that they were artistic photos and arguing that maybe it wasn’t jobs private room, but other opinions saying that the pictures are too offensive, which adversely affecting his fans. This makes fans even doubt the true personality of the male idol.

Currently, JB side and the management company have not yet commented on this incident. After terminating the contract with J. Y. P. Entertainment, the leader of Got Seven joined H. One G. H. R. Music, the company of the elder jay park. The male idol is expected to have solo activities in the near future.

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