This IZ*ONE Member Shocked Netizen For Her Visuals

The latest photos of this member have shocked netizen due to her elegant & sophisticated aura

After 2.5 years of operation, the project group IZ*ONE came out of the survival reality show “Produce 48” and officially disbanded on April 29.

Although none of the members have announced their official future plans after returning from IZ*ONE, some has made their first appearance in front of the public. Kang Hye Won’s new profile photo, which was just announced by the management company 8D Entertainment not long ago, has attracted special attention from the Korean online community.

In this series of profile photos, Kang Hye Won appeared with a more mature and elegant image, showing a completely different side compared to the days when she was active with IZ*ONE. Many viewers expressed their surprise when witnessing Kang Hye Won’s top-notch visual in this series of photos. Some believe that the former IZ * ONE member is very charismatic, even comparing her appearance to some famous Korean actors.

– “She really has the aura of an actress. If someone told me this is a profile picture of a rookie actress, I’d believe it too.”

– “Can’t believe this guy used to be an idol?!”

– “So pretty… I still remember thinking that Kang Hye Won should become an actress when I saw her on ‘Produce'”

– “It’s really pretty. Looks like Go Min Shi and Go Yoon Jung”

– “Kang Hye Won is insanely beautiful. I never noticed this even when she was considered the visual of IZ*ONE, but now I feel it…”

– “Honestly, I’d like to see her in a drama. There’s a feeling that this traditional beauty would suit the scenes on the small screen.”

– “Something like Kim Hee Sun and Han Ga In”

– “Like a real actor’s profile picture”

– “She’s so pretty, this light makeup looks good on her”

– “Who doesn’t know she’s an IZ*ONE member would think she’s a rookie actress”

– “Has the aura of an actor”

– “Honestly, she’s not talented enough to be a solo singer, so why not study acting to become an actress?”

– “If her acting is good, she’ll be very successful…”

– “She looks like Go So Young”

– “It’s like a young version of Go So Young!!!!!”

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