Netizen Are In Shocked With The News That G-Friend Will Disband

Knet is currently in shock because GFriend had not previously shown any signs that they would come to an end.

At noon today (May 18, KST), Source Music confirmed that all GFriend members will leave the company after not reaching an agreement on a contract extension. Source Music also said that the members have agreed to go their separate ways, and that the company will continue to cheer for them in the future.

This information immediately shocked the BUDDY fandom and netizens because no one thought that GFriend would come to this end after 6 years of operation. Currently, GFriend is still a famous girl group and also has a stable career.

It can be said that GFriend has never shown any signs of controversy or disagreement, or any hint that they will all terminate their contracts with Source Music. On the Korean online forum, the hottest topic right now is about GFriend’s departure. Many Knets are still shocked because they can’t believe this happened so suddenly when the group has just entered the first contract renewal after 6 years of operation (in Korea, it is 7 years).

Others expressed regret because GFriend career may not be at its peak right now, but they still bring extremely quality music products. Meanwhile, there are still optimistic Knets who think that the members leaving together could be a sign that they will move to a new agency together and continue their activities.

Hul?!! Why all of a sudden?!!!

Shocked, really…

Oh my god fans know what to do?!!! Crying!!!

Wow, this is so sudden!!!?

It’s so shocking, what the hell?!!!

They won’t disband right?!

Wow, but the group is still doing well?! Or change the label?

Sales of the group’s recent albums are really bad, maybe this is the reason.

Why did the group go like that? No one has been officially solo yet?!!!

Looks like Source Music wants to focus all of its efforts on the new girl group!!!

I really like ‘Mago’! Please don’t let that be their last comeback.

It’s not like you left without the company having any farewell activities or greeting fans?!!!

Maybe they change another label, GFriend don’t disband!!

Yes, but before that, it was normal, and there was no sign of disbandment. Did they go to another branch of Big Hit?

But GFriend was just on Vlive last night… Did they mean something?!

I can’t understand it?!! Isn’t the group disbanding just like that?!!!

But the members all left at the same time, I hope they will return to a certain company and reunite together.

I don’t think they will disband… Maybe they will move to another branch of HYBE?

I hope the members go to another label together, maybe still at HYBE. But suddenly like this, it’s hard to believe!

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