YG Entertainment Confirms The Debut Of a New Girl Group

YG entertainment has officially confirm that they are planning to debut a new girl group soon

On May 18, Osen newspaper quoted senior music industry officials as saying that YG is expected to debut a new girl group in the second half of this year. YG soon also confirmed the article, “It is true that we are preparing to debut a new girl group”.

Not too much information has been revealed about this new girl group. The number of members and the name of the group is still a mystery, industry insiders predict that the new girl group will be a Hip-hop girl group with a different color and image from BLACKPINK, but YG’s identity remains intact.

In the past 12 years, YG has only released 2 girl groups. This company is famous for debuting a new group only after careful consideration and training. The results being that 2NE1 and BLACKPINK are both extremely successful Kpop girl groups. Therefore, fans are looking forward and expect a lot from BLACKPINK’s juniors.

If it is as Osen revealed, YG’s new girl group will debut around the end of this year. This time coincidentally coincides with BLACKPINK’s comeback date which is expected to fall in the fourth quarter.

Are you exited for YG new girl group?

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