Is SM Going To Debut a New Girl Group?

The name ‘Pink Blood’ has been registered by SM Entertainment, along with social media channel

In recent days, SM has made moves that made netizens suspect a new group is going to launch. Specifically, SM registered the copyright for the name ‘PinkBlood’. At the same time, SM also created Instagram and TikTok accounts for PinkBlood, which quickly got the verify check mark.

It has not been determined what this name will be used for. As aespa has just debuted not long ago, debuting another independent girl group at the moment is an unlikely move from SM. Right now, the most likely fan theory is that this will be a female version of SuperM, or a name of a new business that SM is about to launch.

Will it be a female version of SuperM?
Or a new girl group?

1. I don’t think it’s a rookie group, it’s goods or a fashion brand

2. I think it’s the female version of SuperM

3. The female version of SuperM?

4. I think it’s a game

5. It seems like a business, not a group

6. Can I see Yoona in the female version of SuperM?

7. I feel like it’s a teen clothing brand. Maybe it’s a business

8. I don’t know so I just think it’s the female version of SuperM

9. It would be weird if there was ‘pink’ in the name of the male idol group

10. It’s like the name of a fansite of BLACKPINK

What can we expect from this move by SM?

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