A Strong Candidate For YG New Girl Group Is revealed

Information about members of YG’s latest girl group is making people extremely interested.

After the confirmantion from YG themself about the posibility of releasing a new girl group. Right now, netizens’ attention is focused on the suspicions of YG’s new girl group lineup. The first member that is expected to debut in that group is Kang Seo Jin. The reason why many people believe that Seo Jin will soon debut is that a YG producer named Rovin, once “dropped hints” to fans about her still being a YG trainee after many years.

Before being a YG trainee, Kang Seo Jin had a training period at SM. She also participated in Kpop Star season 4 and revealed her voice in VIINI’s Begin series (Kwon Hyun Bin). Seo Jin possesses an impressive internal voice, promising to be the main vocal of the future rookie group.

Besides the impressive voice, Seo Jin also possesses a pure visual, looking very similar to senior Sulli. Even JYP made this comment when they saw Seo Jin. The nickname “little Sulli” was given to her by fans even though she has not officially debuted.

1. She looks like actress Jo Woori in the last photo!

2. She’s pretty and cute, but that’s a style I haven’t seen in YG..?

3. She has actress vibes. I think she will be the center member…

4. She reminds me of Oh My Girl

5. She looks like Lovelyz Sujeong

6. Her nose is so pretty

7. As soon as I saw her, I thought of Pyo Ye Jin

8. She’s so charming and pretty

9. Oh, I’m curious when will she debut ㅠㅠㅜ

10. Her voice is totally YG style, I hope she debuts soon!

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