Netizens are shocked by the list of competitors with BTS and ‘Butter’ For #1 Billboard

After looking at the list of famous artists that BTS will have to compete for the top of the Billboard Hot 100, Netizen can feel the pressure

Recently on the Pann forum, an article made Knet realize how difficult BTS’s comeback with ‘Butter’ this time will be. The article tiltle “The lineup of artists releasing their songs at the same time as BTS is insaneㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ” attached is a picture with the listed of famous artists who will release their songs 1 week before BTS, or on the same day as the group. These are strong competitors and will compete directly with BTS “Butter” at the top of the Billboard Hot 100.

Just looking at this list of artists is enough to give many goosebumps and realize how tough the competition will be. No one can be sure that ‘Butter’ will land safely at No.1 Hot 100 in the first week of released. The aurthor also added:

The artist lineup when BTS released ‘Dynamite’ was crazy but what’s going on this time too ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s going to be super hard to maintain the #1 on HOT 100 again. The international fans are worried a lot so the Korean fans should stay sharp and dominate the domestic charts…ㅋㅋ

Below the comment section, many Knets were also shocked after seeing this line-up. Knet in general and Korean fans in particular expressed concern with the situation of international charts, while also expressing their determination to conquer domestic digital music charts so that BTS can have the most perfect comeback possible.

Knet Comments:

– I’m still worried no matter how powerful our fandom has become. We need to raise their results and need to stream their songs harder than ever

– P!nk..? Lil Nas X?… Columbia Records, explain this

– Are they crazy?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ This lineup, f*ck

– I thought, there won’t be any K-pop idols who can overlap with BTS that’s powerful but then I realized it’s not Korean singers…

– Wow….P!nk…. Lil Nas X…. Nicki Minaj…. These are the names you know even if you don’t listen to pop music….

-Let’s make sure that BTS will hold Melon, Genie, MV views and Shazam charts… This time we have to conquer the domestic digital music charts with ‘Butter’, also let’s grabbed both the physical and digital charts with the group’s next Korean album. There’s always news about Bangtan being #1 in other countries but in Korea, no one bothers to post news about them. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen again.

– Do you know that compared to the actual number of ARMYs, our music streaming is still too small? Seriously, on the 21st, don’t be subjective that someone will stream for you, we have to stream together ourselves. If the streaming rights on Melon were sold for 100 won, I would buy it too. I’m so nervous, I have to stream music!

– When I first looked at the title of the article, I was like is there any Kpop idol that releases music on the same day as BTS, and then clicked on it to realize no, it’s international superstars.

– If international fans fight like that, we should also voluntarily help ‘Butter’ conquer the domestic charts!

– I’m not an army, but looking at the line-up, I realize BTS is really world-class. They will face off against Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Pink, and Lil Nas X.

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