This SM Idol Become A hot Topic For Wearing Croptop In His Latest MV

The unisex outfit that this male idol wears in the latest MV created mixed opinions among Netizen.

On May 18, Taemin (SHINee) officially made a solo comeback with the song “Advice”. This is an R&B song with a strong & addictive sound, combined with piano melody. This is Taemin’s last comeback before he enlists in the army.

The song brings a warning message to those who judge others with personal prejudices. And unknowingly, an outfit in Taemin’s MV has also received mixed opinions from viewers’ personal prejudices about unisex clothing. Specifically, The MVs shows Taemin in a crop top, white sweatpants with an undergarment similar to a sports bra.

In the MV, we can see taemin long hair and the mentioned outfit, dancing confidently infront of the camera. Some felt like the choice of wearing an under garment along with a croptop is a bit too much. Some fraise the idol for his bold outfit choice, and Unisex concept has always been Taemin signature since debut.

– Exceeded my standards…

– It’s the first time I’ve seen male idols dressed like this.

– What is this… a sports bra

– Why are you wearing an extra layer of underwear inside?

-This is a bit too much, but fortunately because of Taemin, I can see it!

– It looks like a bra, it’s weird.

– Taemin has been following this unisex style for a long time, the more he looks at it, the more familiar it gets

– I feel that as long as it’s Taemin or Kai, it’s okay to be brave no matter what.

– Why do I think Taemin looks so good in those clothes

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