TWICE Jihyo Performance Project Receive Mixed Opinion

The cover of Camila Cabello’s song performed by Jihyo is attracting the attention of Kpop fans.

On the evening of May 18, Jihyo was the next member of TWICE to launch her own Performance project. After the extremely sexy dance cover of Momo or the controversial cover of “Switch To Me” by Dahyun and Chaeyoung, fans has high expectations Jihyo’s cover product.

Specifically, Jihyo chose to cover the song “Crown”, with the original version performed by Camila Cabello and Gray. The female idol successfully demonstrated the song’s magical color, showing off her charisma and visual. Among TWICE members, Jihyo takes on the role of main vocal, so it is not difficult to understand why she chose a song that can show off her skills.

In terms of choreography and performance, Jihyo has proven her ability through past fancams. With this cover, the female idol was able to show off the concept of her forte, beating the gentle style commonly found in TWICE. However, the vocal of Jihyo is recieving mixed opinion from Netizen, There is an opinion that Jihyo’s voice is not impressive in this cover project, but it is understanable as the origiral cover is a very difficult one, and the vocal color of Jihyo is different from Camilla.

– Singing is too normal, nothing impressive.

– It’s a concept I’ve never seen before, so it’s refreshing

– Looking at the video, she’s prettier and her expression is good too

– On YouTube, there are a lot of comments saying Jihyo is a foreigner or what country she is from, but that style seems to suit her so well

– Jihyo’s facial features are really crazy ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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