Aespa Vocal Skill Is Giving Netizen Goosebump

Netizen have a positive reaction to Aespa Vocal Skill on Korean Forum

Aespa recently came as a guest on the radio show ‘Good Morning FM with Jang Sung Kyu’ (MBC FM4U).

During the show, there was a part where each aespa member sang a part of the songs they used to audition at SM Entertainment. Right after the show ended, aespa’s performance videos quickly became a hot topic and received a lot of attention from Knet.

1. I really like groups with good vocal skills, that seems to be a big advantage of the group

2. They sing well

3. The members all have good vocal skills

4. I understand why NingNing is the main vocalist, she sings well and her voice is stable

5. NingNing, you’re so good, there’s a reason you’re in charge of the main vocalist

6. Winter and NingNing’s voices are totally my favoriteㅋㅋㅋㅋ The members are all good

7. All 4 members sing well, dance well, rap well and each has different charms

8. Well, the main vocalist is a foreigner…

9. SM is SM… The kids are all good

10. They just gathered all the talented people

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