Kingdom: Legendary War Episode 8 Reveal The Results Of Unit Battle + “No Limit” Performance From Stray Kids & iKON

The latest episode of Mnet’s “Kingdom: Legendary War” Feature BLACKPINK Lisa and other performances

Performance from Kingdom: Legendary War Episode 8

Episode 8 of Kingdom: Legendary War will continue the third round of the competition, which is divided into two parts: collaboration unit performances and team performances. in the first part of the episode, We get to see it’s ONE’s vocal unit (iKON, SF9, The Boyz) performs Taeyeon“Spark” against Mayfly’s vocal unit (BTOB, ATEEZ, SKZ) singing IU’s “Love Poem.”

The second part of the third round involves performances with the theme “No Limit,” allowing for any genre, featuring artists, or collaborations. The episode present iKON’s performance of “CLASSY SAVAGE” featuring BLACKPINK’s Lisa, as well as Stray Kids’ “God’s Ddu Du Ddu Du” performance.

We also got the result for the vocal and dance Unit team in this episode. In both performances, Team Mayfly has triumphed against it’s one, making this a complete win for the unit of BTOB, Stray Kidz and ATEEZ. Regardless of the results, all unit has delivered amazing performances that are worthy of compliment.

Check out all the performance here:


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