Netizen Are Dissapointed At Aespa As a Brand Ambassador

Many netizens think that aespa is still too inexperience to be a high-end brand ambassador

On February 2021, SM Entertainment confirmed that rookie girl group aespa had been selected to become the Givenchy ambassador. This is very surprising news for many people because aespa has only just debuted not long ago, and already holds the title of ambassador of a high-end brand. However, there are many mixed opinions that 4 members Karina, Winter, Giselle and Ningning are just rookies, it is still too early to receive such a valuable contract.

Aespa Wearing Givenchy at the “Next Level” Press Conference

Recenly, a new photoshoot of Aespa posing for Givenchy new line of hand bag was reveal on their twitter. Immediately, Netizen comment that there were too many problems in the photo set, from inappropriate costumes, strange poses, and the members could not bring out the beauty and elegance of the handbag. There is a part of aespa fans who think that this is the fault of the stylist who chose the concept that is not suitable for the members. However, most of the opinions say that they doesn’t have enough charisma to advertise high-end fashion.

– There is no uniformity in their outfits. At the comeback press conference, there were people wearing suits that looked like office workers.

– The members are too young, I don’t think they can weigh Givenchy’s clothes.

– Is it me or Givenchy’s clothes aren’t pretty?

– From the hair to the clothes, it’s a disaster.

– I think Givenchy is not suitable for them.

– What’s wrong with the bag promotion photo set? Why are they posing so strangely?

– SM is trying too hard!!!

– Karina is the best, but it still looks forced.

– aespa is really beautiful, but they are still not qualified to be Givenchy brand ambassadors.

– Looking at the bag promotion photos, it’s so awkward. The pose is so weird!!

– Looking at them, I don’t think I want to buy Givenchy clothes.

– Since SM soon made the group a fashion brand ambassador, there was already a problem. Seeing how they advertise bags like that is really confusing.

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