Netizens Talk About Groups That Have Overcome The 7 Year Curse

Only a handful of Kpop Idols Group that have re-new their contracts after 7 years

In the history of Kpop, there have been countless groups that have not been able to overcome this “7 years curse” in various ways: Either the group had to disband, lost some members of the official lineup, or the group both left the company and struggled to keep their brand active.

There are also cases where members left the current company to join a new one, although the group still not disband, but the chances of them re uniting is very slim due to schedule conflict. Only when all the members renewed their contracts and stayed at their old agencies, would ensure that they would still be active together for a while.

After the case of G-Friend, the topic of 7 years contract become a hot topic again among netizen. A post on korean forum pann has comprise a list of k-pop group that have survive the “7 years curse”:

Brave Girls 









– Right now, I think the only groups that are promoting well with their original lineup are BTS, NU’EST, and SHINee~~~

– Honestly, SHINee, Highlight, and Apink.. these groups have the most ideal career paths.

– But it’s a bit strange when it comes to groups that haven’t officially disbanded but have almost frozen their activities for more than 3 years.

– BIGBANG will still do well, it’s just that they don’t have so many scandals.

– I’m really worried about TWICE and Red Velvet.

– Wow, SF9 is amazing!!!

– SF9 is so amazing, they’re not outstanding, but they’re really united.

– There are so few girl groups here, they couldn’t stay together since the first re-sign.

– I don’t know what will happen to TWICE and Red Velvet, their renewal deadline is coming soon!

– GFriend’s incident made me think that girl groups are really hard to maintain the lineup. Worried about my favorite group!!

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