BLACKPINK Jennie Was Spotted At SNSD Jessica’s Birtday Party

This came as a suprise to fans that the 2 are close friend

In the new vlog “My Birthday Month” posted by Jessica, there is a lot of evidence that the rapper BLACKPINK (discovered by the nickname “Nini” and the famous dumpling cheek) is the one who gave the rose cake and Pearl necklace for “ice princess”.

Apparently the two had a private meal to celebrate Jessica’s birthday. Previously, Jennie used to wear clothes from Jessica’s fashion brand and hinted at going to dinner with her seniors late last year.

This surprised people because Jennie and Jessica have a pretty interesting relationship, Jennie used to date Kai (EXO) – Krystal’s ex-boyfriend, Jessica’s biological sister.

However, the friendship between the two girls with a 7-year age difference is very exiting to fans, when both Jennie and Jessica are Korean overseas and share the same passion for fashion.

– Wow, turned out to be a close friend

– Why does Jennie have so many close friends? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Rosé too, the Black Pink members are literally all unnie collectors ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

– Both are lovely

-I didn’t expect these two to not only know each other but also be close

– Jessica’s English pronunciation is so good

– An unexpected combination

– It’s amazing, but Jennie’s voice is so cute

– They both have the same French teacher and Pilates teacher, so they know each other

– I can tell by her voice that it’s Jennie

– Pretty people hang out with pretty people

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