BTS Highly Anticipated Summer Song “Butter” Continue To Break Records

No record is too difficult to BTS

BTS has officially returned with their summer song, “Butter”

Following their immensely successful disco-pop single “Dynamite”, BTS has once again returned with a song entirely in the English language. On May 21 at 1PM KST, the digital single “Butter” was globally released. With a series of great achievements from previous products, many people can’t help but be shocked when BTS continues to break the world record.

After only 13 minutes of release, MV Butter has officially reached 10 million views. This number helps BTS become the group that owns the MV with the fastest 10 million views in YouTube history. Previously, this record belonged to Dynamite with 20 minutes. Right after that, Butter continued to hit 20 million views in only 54 minutes.

On the digital music front, Butter quickly debuted at No. 1 on Melon 5 Minute, bringing the old song Dynamite to No. 2.

BTS continue to break records with their comeback

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