Are ITZY Ryujin and NCT Haechan Dating?

Korean online community are suspecting ITZY Ryujin and NCT Haechan are dating

It all started when a post on Nate Pann pointed out that it seems Ryujin (ITZY) and Haechan (NCT) are “having something”. The poster on Nate Pann revealed that when Haechan did a V Live with his own iPad, he touched the screen and revealed a list of channels he was watching. In Haechan’s follow list, there are only 2 groups: NCT and ITZY.

In the past, some fans claimed that Haechan and Ryujin were dating based on certain “couple items” the two were spotted wearing or using, including bluetooth headphones and phone cases.

After only a few hours of posting, this article has attracted more than 1,600 comments from the Korean online community, in which passionately discussed the suspicion of love between these two young idols. Many people think that the evidence proving their relationship is too obvious to be denied. And although the other party is also a famous idol from a BIG 3 company, some Korean netizens still feel sorry for her because they believe that ITZY’s center can date someone better.

1. [+299, -15] That situation is just too questionable.. He was using his personal iPad to check comments, and then it showed that he was following NCT and ITZY on Vlive. He was suddenly surprised, looked up at the camera, and then he covered the lens?

2. [+293, -13] The expression on his face after being caught is even more funnyㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+242, -89] Ryujin could do so much better

4. [+216, -37] I can understand for Haechan but it’s shocking for Ryujin… I thought she would date someone outstanding…

5. [+189, -0] If he’s following their Vlive and they’re not dating, that’s even funnier

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