Netizens Reaction to BTS Official Comeback ‘Butter’

BTS has officially made a return with their summer song “Butter”.

Butter‘ is a song that brings a bright and cheerful atmosphere with the aim of helping listeners get in a good mood. The song belongs to the dance-pop genre and has a very catchy bass rhythm right from the beginning. This is an addictive song and right from the first time listening, listeners can already sing along.

The song contain a bright and energetic vibes

As soon as the MV ‘Butter’ was released, it quickly entered the top hot topics on Korean online forums. On the Theqoo forum, the topic realted to the song has attracted more than 1000 comments. There are few comments that put ‘Butter’ on the scale compared to ‘Dynamite’, when people think it’s like ‘Dynamite’ ver 2, others say the song is not as good as ‘Dynamite’.

However, the majority of Knet still loves ‘Butter’. They think that this song has a very addictive rhythm and the members’ performance is also very attractive. The song is expected to become a big hit of the summer, and fans are looking forward to ‘Butter’ sweeping the domestic and international digital music charts.

– I love this song so much!!

– Why does it feel like ‘Dynamiter’ ver 2?

– This is a song that has the vibe of a global pop superstar!!

– I really like this song, it suits the summer atmosphere very well!!

– This song is a bit boring, I don’t think it’s as good as ‘Dynamite’.

– I got goosebumps, this song is so good!!

– I don’t see much difference between this song and ‘Dynamite’, or is this a sequel to ‘Dynamite’?

– Crazy… This song is going to be a big hit!!!

– I like the rap part… I was curious what it would be like this time since ‘Dynamite’ doesn’t have any raps, but ‘Butter’ rap is so good!

– Seems like BTS knows what the US market likes, this song is perfect.

– I can’t wait to see the performance of ‘Butter’!!

– This song is the best to listen to while driving!

– I was a bit skeptical at first, but listening to it again, I’m addicted This song is going to be a big hit!!

– The song is very good. BTS is the only group that I listen to other than my favorite group.

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