The Truth Behind THE BOYZ Accusation Of Mistreating Ju Haknyeon During A Live Broadcast

Boy group THE BOYZ received backlash after appearing on a live broadcast for their fans, which led the member have to explain everything

In a recent V Live program, 5 members of The Boyz appeared to interact with fans. In the middle of the broadcast, the audience can see Ju Haknyeon entering the room where the remaining 4 members are performing V Live. However, after entering the room, Haknyeon was asked by New to leave the room.

Ju Haknyeon: I can sit here.

New: Haknyeon hyung, go back to your room.

Ju Haknyeon: Why? You want to kick me out?

New: No, hyung, you have a ddoong-i (doll) in your room. Go to the playroom with ddoong-i.

Just 2 minutes after entering, Ju Hakhyeon had to leave the room where the members were doing V Live. After Haknyeon left, the 4 members of The Boyz took a photo together.

From this V Live segment, many netizens began to accuse The Boyz members of bullying and isolating Ju Haknyeon even when the camera was there. Some people also cited another video posted on Twitter in 2018, where Sunwoo was once accused of having a rude reaction to Haknyeon.

Fans express their anger on korean forums

The aforementioned situation created a wave of fierce criticism against The Boyz members, especially New. The opinions of the Korean online community gradually became so fierce that at 3 am, Ju Haknyeon and New had to appear on another V Live broadcast to better explain the situation and clarify everything.

Ju Haknyeon: So Sunwoo, Younghoon, and Q started broadcasting first.

New: And we were watching it on our phones in the car.

Ju Hakyneon: I asked if we should like to go inside to participate, which we did.

New: So we went inside wanting to be a part of the live.

Ju Haknyeon: Right, and I took a seat in the back while the rest of them remained closer to the camera. And that’s when we received a text message. It was about how we should still be careful, since we’re still battling a pandemic. And it’s still against the rules to have more than five people gather. And we were in a smaller room, so it could spark worry…

New: Yeah, it basically said it might be best not to leave any room for misunderstandings about us breaking any rules when we aren’t. Just to clarify though, we’re not “gathering” or anything. We’re actually in the middle of a schedule right now… So that’s why we’re all here together.

New also explained the reason Hakyneon has to leave the room is due to personal schedule:

New: I know I said he’s going away to sleep, but he was actually leaving to carry out his part of the schedule. I said he’s going to sleep though because I wasn’t sure how much about this schedule I could disclose — since it’s not a part of the official schedule [that is shared with the fans] and we have no idea when this video [that was being filmed at the time] will be released

In the end, both New and Hakyeon agree that they need to explain the situation before things get serious, the boys wrapped up the broadcast assuring the fans that there is nothing to be worried about!

Just know that we actually had a great day today … and now we’re going to go keep doing what we’re here to do. And hopefully, the next time we go live, it’s for something better than explaining misunderstandings. We’ll try harder to make sure we don’t make the fans worry in any way.


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