BTS Jungkook Make ARMYs Goes Nuts With His New Look

As the golden maknae of the famous group BTS, everything about Jungkook can become a hot topic on online forums.

Recently on Theqoo forum, Knet discussed the hairstyles that Jungkook recently wore. One of the most familiar styles that we often see is the very charismatic and mature long black hair.

During the press conference of the online comeback ‘Butter’ with domestic and foreign media, Jungkook surprised everyone when he appeared with a very different hairstyle. The male idol has had his hair cut short, the curls are also trimmed and styled sparsely on the forehead and also have sideburns.

This hairstyle has receive and explosive reaction from fans as it makes Jungkook much younger. The male idol face became brighter when it was no longer covered by long curls. Knet thinks that this hairstyle makes them see the ‘baby’ Jungkook in his debut.

– Jungkook is the best when he has black hair!

– He looks so innocent and handsome at the same time!

– This hairstyle reminds me of when he first debuted.

– What happened to Jungkook, why did he turn into a baby?!

-There’s no style that doesn’t suit him, all styles are pretty

-His image is the same as in the ‘Run’ MV. Too young!!Oh, I love this hairstyle. I was surprised when I saw Jungkook’s press conference.

– This is the picture of Jungkook that I saw when he was in high school.

– This puppy prince image makes me mesmerized!!

– Jungkook is so cute He looks like a baby Long hair is sexy and short hair is cute

-I thought Jungkook was a rookie who debuted yesterday!!

– Why did he turn into a baby? Normally she was young and cute but now she even looks like a small bean.

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