BTS Jungkook Arm Tattoos Continue To Be a Hot Topic Among Netizen

The topic of BTS jungkook arm tattoo continue to attract attention with the comeback “Butter”

In early 2021, Jungkook once caused a storm when he revealed a full tattoo on his arm. In an episode of ‘RUN BTS!’ and when he had to cook, Jungkook rolled up his sleeves to avoid getting entangled. instead of the tattoo images that will be blurred as usual, they remain uncencored so everyone can see almost the full tattoo on his arm.

Most recently when BTS just came back with the song ‘Butter’, the group had a Vlive recording session to chat with fans. During this live, Jungkook wore a white short-sleeve t-shirt and also freely revealed the tattoos on his arm. However, it seems that BTS’s maknae has more tattoos on his right arm.

On Theqoo forum, the post about the latest hand tattoo of the “golden maknae” of Bangtan has attracted more than 2000 comments. there are a lot of negative comments and think that Jungkook’s growing addiction to tattoos is… too much. Some Knet considered these arm tattoos to be too offensive and not suitable for Jungkook’s image, who is a Kpop idol.

In fact, although there are many Kpop idols with tattoos, this is still considered a taboo in Korean culture. Culturally, it is still considered an image associated with gangs, crime and rebellion, which makes many Knet prejudices. When appearing on music shows or TV shows, many idols still have to use skin-colored tape or wear long sleeves to cover it up.

On the contrary, there are also many comments defending and praising Jungkook. Many Knets believe that male idols have the right to do what they like and this is not something that goes too far for people in the art industry. Others commented that Jungkook’s tattoo is both cool and attractive, and glad that BTS’s maknae can now freely show it off in public.

– Wow, this looks weird and out of the ordinary.

– Wow you look so pretty~ Feel free to get more tattoos if you like Other members can also get tattoos if they like, it’s everyone’s freedom.

– I know whether he has a tattoo or not is his own decision, and I am in no position to advise him what to do. But you know, we can’t force people not to rate it if they don’t like it.

– I’m glad he only did it on one arm…

– How are people doing? My bias is also tattooed and I find it very sexy.

– Too many tattoos, it’s serious.

– Nothing can bash him so he has to bash his tattoo? Ridiculous.

– Since when does he have so many tattoos? I really don’t like this.

– What’s interesting is that the tattoo is cool and his face is so small. Cute!!

– It’s his own choice but… In real life, I usually avoid hanging out with people with that type of tattoo.

– I usually hate people with tattoos, but I’m fine with Jungkook’s tattoo. Why is his face so handsome? Wow, this short hair suits him well too.

– Only tattooing his hands, Jungkook became a hot topic all over the internet forums. As expected Jungkook’s influence is top notch!!

– Do people really think that’s beautiful???? I do not really understand..

– Charming and cool, I want to faint. Since it’s Jungkook, he looks even better.

– The antis here are all crazy. Every time these posts come up, they attack Jungkook. What a shame!

– What’s wrong with this post, just over 2000 comments? ㅋㅋㅋ We’ll have 3000 comments soon ㅋㅋㅋ Our superstar Jungkook is really good at attracting haters!! He’s a grown man, he can do whatever he wants.

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