This Action From Umji Raise Suspicion That G-Friend Disbandment Was Due To Conflict With Hybe

Many netizens suspect that GFriend’s disbandment stems from conflicts with Source Music and HYBE.

Until now, many people still can’t believe what happened to GFriend. On May 18, Source Music confirmed that all GFriend members would leave the company after they could not reach an agreement on a contract extension. Then on May 22, this girl group officially disbanded with the confirmation of the company as well as the members.

In fact, GFriend is still a famous girl group and also has a stable career. The last time the group had a comeback was on November 9, 2020 with the album ‘回:Walpurgis Night’ and the title song ‘Mago’. After that, the group still regularly had interactive activities with fans and behind-the-scenes videos were posted regularly.

Many netizens speculated that the reason for the group disbandment could only be due to conflicts. On May 21, member Umji deleted 2 photos from her personal Instagram right after GFriend’s activities ended. Those are the 2 photos from the promotional clip for HYBE Insight Museum – HYBE’s museum.

On May 17, Umji posted her HYBE Insight promotion on Instagram, showing absolutely no sign of leaving the company. However, then GFriend suddenly announced their disbandment, and the female idol’s first action on Instagram was to delete 2 promotional photos for HYBE Insight. This action signal a hint that GFriend didn’t want to disband at first, but Source Music and HYBE certainly caused a conflict that made the members unable to renew the contract and had to leave.

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