BTS officially hit the Perfect All-kill milestone for ‘Butter ‘

BTS Butter quickly achieved Perfect All-kill on Korean digital music charts

At 13:00 on May 21 (KST), BTS officially made a comeback with a summer hits called ‘Butter’. The song belongs to the dance-pop genre and has an addictive bass rhythm that is expected to become a big hit.

At 0:30 am on May 24 (KST), iChart chart officially confirmed that BTS’s ‘Butter’ had recorded its first PAK – in less than 3 days since its release.

No.1 Melon’s Daily Chart and 24Hits Chart BXH

No.1 on Genie’s Daily chart and real-time chart

No.1 Bugs Daily and Real-Time Charts

No.1 VIBE Daily Chart

No.1 FLO’s 24Hours chart

No.1 on iChart’s Real-time chart

With the latest PAK achievement of ‘Butter’, BTS has established a number of memorable milestones below and proves that the group’s digital music talent is out of this world. ‘Butter’ is also the first English song to reach PAK in 2021.

In the history of Korean charts, only 3 English songs have achieved PAK: ‘Let It Go’ (2013), ‘Dynamite’ (2020) and ‘Butter’ (2021).

Netizen also comments to congratulate the boys:

– The song is so good!

– Not ashamed of being BTS.

– Wow, I knew BTS was strong but I didn’t expect them to hit CAK so quickly.

– Wow, it’s not easy to progress so fast on Melon and FLO, what a digital music monster.

– The song didn’t sound very good at first, but the more I listen to it, the better it gets.

– Ready for a summer hit!

– Congratulations BTS!!!

– The more I listen to this song, the better it is.

– I really like ‘Butter’!!

– The sajaegi should be ashamed of themselves. One has to go up with one’s own strength!!

– The song is so good that I keep listening to it over and over again!!

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