iKON and BLACKPINK Lisa “Care Free” Use Uncensor Language On Mnet Kingdom Performance

This act of the YG artist is suspected to be “dissing” Mnet

Mnet has always been known when it comes to censorship. From lyrics to images, all K-pop songs are carefully checked by Mnet before they can officially appear on broadcast.

However, at the stage of Kingdom: Legendary War, on the evening of May 20, 2021, both iKON and Lisa performed uncensored lyrics by Mnet. Lisa rapped the original lyrics of Pretty Savage for the first time on the Classy Savage stage. In both segments sung by iKON and Lisa, there are words that in the past would certainly not have passed the broadcast censorship.

With content containing sensitive lyrics, normally when promoting at music shows, the rap in Lisa’s Pretty Savage song will have those words removed.

Specifically, in the segment: “Born skinny 암만 살쪄도 난 마름”, Lisa often omits the curse word from the original. However, on the last Kingdom stage, Lisa kept the original lyrics without leaving as she usually does.

After this action of Lisa and iKON, YG fans were quite happy and considered it as an “diss” on Mnet, because even if they went to other stations, these lyrics were automatically removed. But when they came to the stage of “the king of censorship”, the two “carefree” used the same original lyrics.

A rebelious act from the YG artists

Fans’ comments on this detail:

– Poor Mnet, but they deserve it.

– It can only be YG!

– There are words that can’t be censored clearly, it’s too hot.

– YG has already played Mnet again!

– The real top!

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