STAYC And Aespa, Which Group Is More Famous Among Netizen?

Among rookie girl groups, aespa and STAYC are having the most outstanding achievements.

Right now, Kpop has entered the 4th generation with many new rookie Idol group. In an article that is receiving much attention on Theqoo, the topic talks about 2 of the best performing gen 4 girl group recently: Aespa and STAYC

The poster pointed out that both aespa and STAYC had very good comebacks when it came to digital achievements on Melon. Accordingly, STAYC’s ‘ASAP’ ranked 16th and aespa’s ‘Next Level’ ranked 7th in Melon Daily chart.

However, although STAYC does not have a good digital music ranking as aespa, they receive more attention from Knet. The reason is because aespa is from SM Entertainment, a famous entertainment company, while STAYC debut from a small company, so it took more effort to be known.

In the comments, it seems that many Knets prefer STAYC because they brings a different freshness to the already familiar girl group concepts. Meanwhile, those who like aespa appreciate the uniqueness that SM is aiming for the group.

– Actually, these are the 2 girl groups that I really like right now.

– I’m not very familiar so can anyone tell me why STAYC is so popular? I just heard about aespa because they’re from SM.

– I like aespa, really Karina is very beautiful and unique.

– I know STAYC, but I don’t know aespa.

– Both groups are the best! Let’s try harder!!

-Really, STAYC is really good, they work hard to improve themselves with the songs and skills of the members.

– Both groups did well.

– Aespa’s ‘Next Level’ is amazing! The ratings are good too.

– The STAC members are all very pretty and have good skills.

– Actually, aespa seems to be more popular because they’re from SM, but non-fans will know and like STAYC’s music more.

– I don’t know rookies well, but I like STAYC. The members are all pretty and have good skills ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ

– Personally, I think STAYC’s music is better and non-fans will know more.

– I really like ‘ASAP’, it’s very addictive.

– STAYC is really good because they have to work harder when they’re not from a big company.

– I heard ‘ASAP’ by accident and I really like it. I even went to see the group’s fancam.

– I think non-fans will know more about STAYC than that.

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