BTS’s ‘Butter’ is So Good That Even The President Goes Crazy!

BTS ARMY Tweets Was Responed By The French President

After a period of hiatus, BTS has returned with “Butter”. With a playful, catchy tune, this song quickly created a big buzz. More specifically, it attracts even… the president’s interest.

On May 21, French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted, asking the French people: “If you have 300 euros to spend on books, music, movies, exhibitions or concerts, what makes you spend money? Firstly? Please reply on this tweet.”

Afterward, a BTS fan wrote: “I will use it in BTS concert. Thank you and remember to stream #BTS_Butter, Mr. President.”

To everyone suprise, the French president decided to retweet the fans. This move made ARMYs extremely excited. Even the fan community in Korea knows about this interaction and leaves many positive comments such as: “So cute”, “International ARMYs are really true fans of BTS”, “I think It’s great when your President retweets an ARMY tweet, he’s so cool”

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