Lisa Herself Share More Information Regarding Her Solo Debut

One of the most anticipate solo debut this year must be BLACKPINK Lisa Solo debut

Lisa’s solo debut will definitely be an event that will attract the attention of Kpop fans, especially BLACKPINK fans. As predicted by experts, Lisa will make her solo debut in Q3 (July to December)

Most recently, Lisa herself made the first move related to her solo album. In an interview with Vogue, Lisa shared some of her thoughts: “With my first solo album, I’ve been thinking about it and preparing a lot about showing a new side of me. I want to show you guys the music and style that show my true color, look forward to it!”.

Lisa also revealed her favorite hairstyle. Currently she likes short hair the most because it’s so comfortable! Lisa especially loves Lovesick Girls’ hairstyle. Is this a “hint” for Lisa’s upcoming debut?

After completing her role as a dance coach at the idol selection program “Youth With You 3”, Lisa now seems to be focusing all her efforts on preparing for her solo debut. People are buzzing about the special collaboration between Lisa and DJ Snake when recently, he released a teaser voice, and directly tagged Lisa.

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