This JYP Idols Was Praised For Being Very Active On Bubble Messaging Apps

A member of StrayKids and other JYP Idols are being fraised for being active on Bubble Messaging App

The birth of Bubble has brought the experience of having a close and intimate conversation between idols and fans. The app is now being widely adopted by many artist from different agencies as a tool to communicate with fans.

Of course, the use of Bubble sometimes also creates “side effects” when some idols disappoint fans by texting too little, typically the recent case of Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO). However, there are still many idols that win the hearts of fans and the online community by regularly texting on Bubble no matter how busy their schedules are.

Specifically, a fans of Seungmin (Stray Kids) said that she has been using Bubble for 112 days. After counting, this fan discovered that in those 112 days, Seungmin has sent a total of 926 messages on Bubble so far, meaning that the Stray Kids member has sent fans more than 8 messages per day on average.

Seungmin’s Bubble upload frequency made many netizens surprised, a lot of compliment was given to the idols for his attitude when always appreciating his fans. Many people also pointed out that not only Seungmin but the rest of Stray Kids or other JYP groups like ITZY, TWICE, etc., are very active on Bubble. This is why fans of JYP artists always insist that spending 4,500 won per month is not a waste because they get to talk to their favorite idol almost every day.

“Wow crazy, what a great idol”

“How should I put it, the number of messages Seungmin sends on Bubble is already a lot, but because he is up every day, it feels like there are more. I’ve only signed up for Bubble about less than 3 weeks but I’m really happy to receive his texts every day “

“Wow the texting frequency is crazy ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Daebak”

“I signed up for Bubble just because I have a little crush on Seungmin, but from the day I signed up for Bubble, I became his fan… Really happy, must I say Seungmin’s life is not no regrets at all”

“Wow but the moderator is also amazing to count all those messages… I also subscribed to Seungmin’s Bubble before but then had to stop, now I can start again 62 It’s been a good day and it’s been really happy lately Stray Kids is so busy that it’s hard to text often but he’s on Bubble every day ㅠㅠㅠ All Stray Kids members are regular uploaders Bubble already but Seungmin has to say that he texts every day… So spending 4,500 won is really… not a waste at all, on the contrary, I’m grateful.”

“Completely different from idols who don’t get on Bubble… If my idols were like this, I wouldn’t feel sorry for the money”

“Seems like JYP idols are on Bubble often. My bias is texting almost every day”

“I’m jealous… My bias doesn’t show up”

“ITZY Chaeryeong also texts a lot. It’s so much that I can’t believe it”

“TWICE also texts a lot. Seems like all the JYP idols are on Bubble often”

“All Stray Kids members text Bubble quite often compared to the average. Still can’t forget the ex-boyfriend case ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

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