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Was Oh My Girl Arin Bow Top Outfit a Knock-Off?

Arin vs Jennie: Who Wore It Better?

Recently, a Korean netizen posted a comparison article when Jennie (BLACKPINK) and Arin (Oh My Girl) wore a shirt with a similar design: It was a two-piece crop top with a big bow at the top. chest top, also known as bow top.

Specifically, Jennie has worn this outfit design for her “SOLO” performance at BLACKPINK concert in 2020. The Female idol figure was compliment perfectly by the outfit, bringing a very “chic” and high fashion looks.

Oh My Girl recently had a comeback with the summer song ‘Dun Dun Dance’. In the series of teaser photos, Arin wore a pink crop top with a big bow on the front of her chest. Then she also wore this outfit on stage to promote the song.

However, many people later pointed out that Jennie’s shirt is the original Chanel brand, and Arin’s shirt is a ‘Knock-off’. Maybe the youngest of Oh My Girl was wearing a bow top design from H&M, but this is still considered a shirt that clearly imitates Chanel’s design.

Korean netizens think that both Jennie and Arin have their own charm because the aura they bring is completely different. However, if only in this comparison, Jennie has completely “overwhelmed” Arin,

– Arin looks so pretty!!

– Wow, Jennie looks so charming and has a lot of aura!!

– Wearing the same clothes but Arin looks innocent while Jennie exudes sexy.

– Arin looks like an angel, so cute.

– But Arin looks too skinny.

– These two shirts are completely different, the real one with the fake one is a bit lame.

– Moderator, these two shirts are not the same type! Only Jennie’s is real!

– Arin is really too skinny.. I hope she gains some weight. Don’t diet too much.

– After watching this comparison, I can understand why Jennie is It Girl.

-Jennie’s body proportions are crazy, I’m so jealous of her!!!

– Arin is so pretty but this shirt style is really made for Jennie.

– So this is a copy of Chanel, right? Why does it look familiar to me.

– First of all, Jennie is wearing a real Chanel shirt. Arin’s shirt seems to be a parody of the design. Both are pretty but of course Jennie will win.

– Jennie wears the best! Moreover, Arin’s shirt seems to be a copy of the design and is too wrinkled so it doesn’t look good.

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