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Netizen Response To Aespa Decision of Not Accepting Gift From Fans

Aespa and SM continues to surprise fans when announcing that they will stop accepting gifts

Aespa and SM continues to surprise fans when announcing that they will stop accepting gifts from May 26. This information surprised many people because the SM girl group has only been active for a short time.

Here is SM’s announcement:

‘Hi everybody. We are the representative of aespa.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the fans who have always supported aespa. We would like to make an announcement regarding gift giving and activities to support the group’s schedules.

We have decided not to accept gifts or reciprocal activities from fans related to aespa activities such as schedules, anniversaries or birthdays of the members.

We sincerely thank you for your support over the years. If there is a plan that you have prepared or plan to carry out, we would like to refuse and only accept the love from fans sent to aespa. We hope for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Hope everyone can continue to love and support aespa. The group will do their best with performance stages to be able to repay your love.

Thank you.’

In fact, many artists from SM in particular or other companies in general have stopped accepting gifts or donations from fans, instead they only receive handwritten letters. However, this only happens when the group has been active for a certain time. As for rookie groups, it is quite rare to refuse gifts and support from fans.

The group only debuted for a short time

On the Korean online forum, many Knets were also surprised after hearing that aespa decided to stop accepting gifts from fans in the first year of their activities. However, they praised the group and the company because they thought it was the right decision to limit fans spending too much money on luxury gifts and putting pressure on idols.

However, there are also many fans and netizens who regret that SM made this decision too soon and too suddenly. Accordingly, only 2 members of the group, Karina and Winter, have celebrated their birthday with fans and received countless projects with high-values gifts from the fanbase. However, this order was issued when the 2 foreign members, Giselle and Ningning, had not yet had their birthdays, and also meant that their fans would not be able to send gifts to idols to celebrate their first birthday together.

Oh, but they’re just rookies, aren’t they?!

Why all of a sudden? Or did something happen?!

Good job, it’s best not to accept gifts from fans to avoid getting into trouble.

SM did a good job, not taking gifts from fans was the right decision.

Fans of Giselle and Ningning will surely be disappointed.

There are also many artists who stopped accepting gifts from fans, but aespa is just a rookie. They haven’t been active for 1 year?

-But Karina and Winter also received birthday presents from fans. Then they should have waited for the end of 1 year to announce it, Giselle and Ningning haven’t received any response from fans yet.

SM did a good job, YG learn!!

NCT doesn’t accept gifts from fans either, they seem to only receive letters.

But not all SM artists are like that. NCT doesn’t accept gifts, but Red Velvet still accepts them, right?

Red Velvet seems to still accept gifts, recently there was a project to give expensive gifts to Irene.

Although it’s a pity, but this is also the right decision and limits the culture of pouring money into gifts and putting pressure on idols.

Shouldn’t at least wait until the members’ birthdays are over, Giselle and Ningning haven’t received gifts from fans yet?

Why? Or did they receive something sensitive and controversial so they had to cancel it?!!

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