The Hectic Schedule That Kpop Idols Have To Follow When Performing At Weekly Music Shows

To record a 3-4 minute stage, the idols and supporting staffs have to work since dawn

In every comeback of Kpop idols, performing on weekly music shows is an almost indispensable activity for any idol. Appearing on these shows may become an opportunity to help their songs get closer to the public.

Usually, idol groups’ music show schedule will follow their other schedule from the previous day, so idols always have to sleep very late but need to get up very early to record. Even when they were exhausted, they still needed to do their hair and makeup before filming.

Although they started early, in order to get the perfect shoot, they needed to pre-record several times. In addition, they also had to wait and continue to wait for a long time until other artists finished pre-recording.

When the pre-recording is over, the broadcast will start around noon or afternoon (depending on the show)

In 1 week, idols will have to record for 6 music shows (The Show, Show Champion, M Countdown, Music Bank, Music Core, Ingigayo). Many groups that already have a name and a foothold will usually not participate in The Show and Show Champion. Depending on the artist, they will have to repeat the same schedule for 2 to 4 weeks until the end of promotions.

It should also be added that weekly music programs only pay artists a very meager amount of money, about a few hundred thousand won. Meanwhile, the cost of hairdressing, makeup, etc. activities can be up to millions of won each time.

Weekly music shows is an arduous task

“That’s why nowadays, senior groups only promote for exactly 1 week. If they’re from a big agency, even if they’re rookies, they’ll soon shorten their promotion time to less than 1 week. It’s only 1-2 weeks. It’s true that both the idols and the staff are working really hard. Fans watching their show might be happy but insiders…”

“To be honest, I wouldn’t be able to do this even if I had money ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ If I don’t sleep, I’ll become so irritable that I’m sure rumors about my bad personality will spread stop “

“My bias’ schedule is Comeback + Kingdom + Drama + Variety Show + Radio + Other schedules. So obviously he’s tired and I feel sorry for him ㅠㅠ… Both the staff and my bias are amazing

-“It feels like it’s not working on a music show like this. Of course it’s fun to see their stage but all they do for a day is just wait.. They need to prepare everything early in the morning, wait and wait until the show announces the 1st place.”

“That’s why I’m still satisfied even if idols only promote for 1-2 weeks with quality performances. Right now, our country is having an outbreak so they can get off work earlier but if there is any for the comeback interview, they need to wait until the show starts… The staffs are working hard too. And I’m grateful to my bias too…”

“This system needs to be changed or completely removed”

“That’s why idols don’t promote much when they’re seniors. The schedule is so tiring”

“My bias only promoted for 2 weeks so I was really upset, but seeing this schedule made me realize that if it were me, I’d probably faint after 1 week ㄷㄷㄷ”

“But why should they do that?”

“If they’re already famous, they don’t need to appear on Korean music shows”

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