Knet’s Unexpected Answer When Asked Who They Wants To Be Among The 4 BLACKPINK Members

The most mentioned member is not Jennie or Lisa

A post on the Korean forum Nate Pann recently posed an interesting question: “If you were born again as a piece of BLACKPINK, which of the 4 members would you want to be? “. The author also listed the strengths and unique charms of the 4 BLACKPINK members.

1. Lisa

Foreign member that are famous all over the world.

Celine’s model, has the most number of followers on Instagram in Korea.

Possessing the same appearance as a Barbie doll, both arms and legs are long.

Great rapping and dancing skills.

2. Jennie

The member has a luxurious aura with the nickname Human Chanel.

Chanel’s model, the member everyone wants to be, and a trendsetter with whatever she does.

Accurate and clear English pronunciation thanks to the time spent studying abroad.

Looks like a cat from a rich family, can rap and sing well.

Matches any outfit.

3. Jisoo

Sing well, live healthy and stable.

Although all BLACKPINK members are beautiful, Jisoo is the typical beauty type, there is no controversy about her beauty.

Dior model and also a member in charge of the group’s visual position.

Voted as the most beautiful artist in real life.

4. Rosé 

Has a very unique and lovely voice color.

Possessing a slim body with a gentle and feminine aura

Models of YSL and Tiffany & Co

Because she lives abroad, Rosé’s English pronunciation is very clear and gives a very luxurious feeling.

Both singing and dancing are good, one member looks like a fairy.

To everyone suprise, The member most chosen by netizens in the top comments is not Jennie or Lisa – famous faces in Korea and around the world. Main vocalist Rosé is the most mentioned member. Many people explain that everything related to Rosé is perfect, from looks, skills to life circumstances.

“I chose Rosé. Her face is very special but also very beautiful. She has a very attractive aura, no matter what clothes she wears, it suits her and most importantly her voice color. .. I think I’ll sing all day ㅋㅋㅋ Plus if I become Rosé, my face will appear on the walls of Tiffany and YSL around the world, she’s a superstar

“Rosé. I’m really jealous of her family background and living environment”

“If I want to be a celebrity, I will choose Lisa. If I want to be an ordinary citizen but have a wonderful life, I will choose Jisoo”

“Rosé, everything about her is perfect”

“[Original post’s author’s comment] For me, I would choose Jennie…”

“Lisa’s body and height, plus Rosé’s charisma and English skills, plus Jisoo’s face – I want to be born like this, that’s the definition of perfection”

“It’s definitely Jisoo..”

“For me, it’s Lisa. From the face to the naturally beautiful body, the charismatic aura to the fact that she’s the most popular and the most popular member, I want to have all of that. It’s really nice. jealous of Lisa”

“Rosé… In my next life, I want to have a body that won’t gain weight even if I eat a lot ㅠ Add to that the native English ability, gentle personality, family background and perfect talent for an idol too. Honestly, Rosé doesn’t lack anything ㅠㅡㅠ”

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