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Netizens’ Reaction When BTS Was Cut Off In China On The Show ‘Friends: The Reunion’

‘Friends’ is considered one of the monuments of the sitcom series and is a memory of many viewers. Recently, this series has returned for the first time with a special episode ‘Friends: The Reunion’ (airing on HBO Max). With special appearance of many celebrities to show their love to the shows. It has been annouced that BTS will appear on this program.

However, American and Korean media sites reported that the part of BTS was cut off by the Chinese side when broadcasting ‘Friends: The Reunion’. America’s Variety reported that China’s top broadcast platforms censored and cut about six minutes from the show, including several artists deemed ‘controversial’.

Specifically, All three of the country’s top broadcasting platforms, iQiyi, Youku, and Tencent Video, have completely cut out the segment of BTS, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and other scene include gay references and character in underwear.

All 3 artists who were cut off are said to be involved in political controversy. Justin Bieber was criticized by China in 2014 for visiting the Yasukuni Shrine – a temple associated with Japanese fascist soldiers considered war criminals in China. Then in 2017, Justin Bieber was banned from performing in China because of a lot of offensive behavior on stage and in private life.

For Lady Gaga, the famous female singer was “banned” by China because she had a meeting with the Dalai Lama – a spiritual leader of Tibetans. This meeting angered the Chinese side because the Dalai Lama’s social activities were aimed at calling for support and independence for Tibet.

In the Case of BTS, many believe that BTS was banned due to their message in the James A. Van Fleet Awards. The leader RM has made a speech when receiving the award that cause anger among Chinese Netizen.

The news that BTS was cut off in China was also quickly reported by Korean media and became a controversial topic of Knet. Many Knets said they felt ‘ridiculous’ at this action, thinking that doing so would not affect BTS at all.

I just read the news and found it ridiculous!

Even if they delete it, people who want to see it still find a way to see it.

It’s so ugly, BTS hasn’t even attacked them.

But the essence of the movie ‘Friends’ is an American movie?? Should’ve banned the show there in the first place, but why are you acting so half-hearted?!!!

Are they still pinning BTS from the James A. Van Fleet Awards case?!

-But shouldn’t they be watching ‘Friends’? This movie is from America

They are stupid and crazy hahahahahahaha!!!

I don’t care about their country’s singers but they are too afraid of the influence of their country’s singers. What’s so bad that even kpop idols have to be censored?!

They just cut it off, people still find BTS by ‘passing the firewall’.

Isn’t that just increasing the steadfast support of BTS fans in China?!!

BTS only said it for a few seconds and cut it off, they must be afraid that more and more people will become fans of the group.

They shouldn’t even watch ‘Friends’. This is an American sitcom that celebrates capitalism and freedom. They delete BTS, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga makes no sense because the nature of this movie is still the same.

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