Knet Response To iKON’S Ranking At Mnet Kingdom

Will it be possible that YG will end their relationship with MNET again after this show?

On the evening of May 27, episode 9 of the show ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’ was aired on Mnet.

Following episode 8, the groups continued the 2nd part of the ‘No Limit’ round – where they were free to create their own performances to their liking. In the previous epsisode, iKON brough to the stage a Remix of BLACKPINK Classy Savage with a special appearance from Lisa.

Although didn’t ranked last, Fan were’ disappointed at iKON’ results. Many people believe that the group was mistreated by Mnet throughout the competition, and their rankings hasn’t improved since the begining. Even with the previous explosive performance and the appearance of Lisa (BLACKPINK) could not help the group score points with the expert panel or climb to the top of the internal vote.

iKON ranking is really the dumbest thing in the world

Why is iKON’s ranking always ridiculous. Who are these experts?

iKON ratings hahaha. What is their standard of assessment?

Identify experts who really hate iKON. That is clearly shown in the results.

For me personally, even if iKON doesn’t do well, they deserve to be in the top 3… Do they hate YG?

Maybe the experts have a grudge against YG.

iKON borrowed money from a professional who has not yet paid the debt or why is it so bad?

After the show YG will face Mnet again, see how YG got angry and did everything to get this result.

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