Mnet Kingdom Reveal The Full List of the ‘Hidden’ Panel of Expert

The Kingdom panel of experts consist of many prominent name in the Korean Music Industry

Show ‘Kingdom: Legendary War‘ (abbreviated: ‘Kingdom’) has now reached its final stage and is about to enter the final episode to find out the group that achieves the crown.

One of the biggest controversies is about the show’s ‘hidden’ panel of experts. In the scoring segment of the 3 rounds, there is an expert panel consisting of about 30 people, and the score from this panel accounts for 25% of the total score of each group.

Many people suspect that Mnet didn’t reveal the panel of expert to ‘manipulate’ the results. Others questioned whether there was a committee at all, and Mnet simply made up the score at will. Many fans and netizens asked Mnet to publicize the list of experts. However, Mnet still refused to reveal their names and only said that the evaluation team is consist of 30 people in the entertainment industry includes producers, composers, reviewers, choreographers, Dancer, and M/V director.

In the 9th episode of Kingdom, Mnet has reveals the full list of the expert panel, the full list is as below:

Music producers & lyricists



Seo Yong Bae

Seo Ji Eum

Im Su Ho

Jo Yoon Gyeong



Music Critics

Kim Young Dae

Kim Yoon Ha

Park Hee Ah

Lee Gyu Tak

Lim Jin Mo

Vocal Directors

Shin Yu Mi

Jang Jin Young

Jeon Bong Jin 

Performance Directors

Lia Kim

Park Jun Hee

Lee Won Shin

Choi Young Jun

Ha Hwi Dong

Cultural Workers (Other professionals related to the identity of the music industry)

Kim Yoon Hee (Editor of 1st Look magazine)

Lee Ma Roo (Editor of ELLE Magazine)

Rigend Film (team directing MV production)

Hong Won Gi (Director of MV)

Ma Doo Sik (Program Broadcasting Director)

Music Distribution Platform Workers (Experts working on digital music distribution platforms)

Bae Sung Ho (Spotify’s Manager)

Bae In Jae (Manager of Apple Music)

Jo Gyu Cheol (Representative of Universal Music in Korea)

Hong Sang Wook (Genie Director)

Looking at the list that Mnet Provide, Netizens thereby acknowledged that these are all really experienced and famous individuals in the music industry, and their score is more accurate and objective than the subjective feelings of fans. Many fans of the groups that were ranked last in this category (BTOB, iKON, Stray Kids and most recently ATEEZ) doesn’t know how to react to this news, as they don’t believe that their idols should be ranked last for their performance.

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