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IZ*ONE Miyawaki Sakura Is Facing Intense Backlash After Being Accuse of Mocking Korean Fans At HKT48 Concert

Many Knets think that Miyawaki Sakura (IZ * ONE)’s performance is an insults to Korean fans.

After IZ * ONE officially disbanded on April 29, Miyawaki Sakura returned to Japan after a long time working in the land of kimchi. Then on May 15, HKT48 officially confirmed that the female idol would graduate from the group at her own request.

It is known that Sakura will end her activities with HKT48 after the graduation concert on June 19. At the moment, the female idol is still continuing her schedule activities as usual with the group. And since then, a performance of Sakura in the recent concert of HKT48 has become the subject of fierce controversy of Knet.

Specifically, Miyawaki Sakura attended HKT48’s concert yesterday (May 29) titled ‘Minna Genki ni Shitotta? The female idol performed her solo song ‘High Tension’, and a member of the HKT48 Family, Murashige Anna (Shige), participate in a role play with Sakura.

TShige incarnated as a wota (calling ‘crazy fan’ in Japanese) of Sakura. Shige expressed his excitement as a Sakura fan and illustrated cheering and dancing to the female idol’s performance. In this cosplay, Shige used a banner in Korean, and on the back of the backpack there is a fan with a picture of Sakura and the words IZ*ONE.

Besides, Shige also simulated the behavior of “crazy fans” such as running after idols on stage, screaming, wearing idol T-shirts, and finally being taken away by security. These images quickly became a hot topic on Korean online forums

However, contrary to the humorous purpose that perhaps Sakura and Shige wanted to aim for, Korean netizens only felt extremely angry and thought that this was sarcastic behavior, mocking Korean fandom culture. Shige herself also posted on Instagram a screenshot of her cosplay and captioned that she was playing a WIZONE (IZONE fan).

Facing the criticism of Knet, many fans defended that Sakura and Shige’s performance was just a parody of Japanese fan humor and did not refer to Korean fans. They explained that Shige was transforming into a Japanese ‘crazy fan’, who had just come to Korea to support Sakura as an IZ*ONE member and has now returned to Japan like her. That’s why Shige holds a Korean name tag even though she’s cosplaying as a Japanese fan.

Regarding whether Shige cosplays Korean or Japanese fans, Knet said it doesn’t matter too much because everyone can see that Shige is cosplaying and mocking idol culture and also using Korean. Korean language is very strong idicator, so it is inevitable that Knet will feel offended by the somewhat extreme images that the HKT member portrait.

I’m disgusted when I see Korean must appear on that slogan.

Is she crazy?!!!

What’s wrong with WIZONE being Japanese but she had to write it in Korean. Ridiculous indeed! Come to think of it, if IZONE performed in Korea and invited an uncle to pretend to be a crazy AKB fan, Japan wouldn’t be mad. I don’t think she’s mocking IZ*ONE fans, she’s mocking Korean fans of Kpop idols.

But why does she have to write it in Korean? This concert is only IZ*ONE’s Japanese fans watching.

As expected, it’s certainly Japanese. She just returned to Japan when she described Korean fans like that.

How can she mock such fans when she has received so much love from them….? It’s over the limit.

No matter who the fan is, this is an insult to the fans.

-She’s obviously playing the role of a Korean fan. Using Korean to mock fandom culture like that is just too insulting.

Summary: A performance mocking Korean WI*ZONE in front of a Japanese audience.

Why do you say this is a Japanese fan? Japanese fans should hold Japanese slogans. Ridiculous Korean fans clearly!!

I don’t know the specific content but looking at the picture makes me angry. They mean Koreans are going crazy over Jpop idol in Jpop concert? That’s what I feel. However, nowadays it is the Japanese who are crazy about Kpop.

This performance and idea was approved by Sakura. This woman should not go to Korea anymore!

Will Big Hit sign a contract with someone like that? Can this be ok and successful? Why do they have to recruit foreign idols when the company itself has succeeded with a group of Korean members? If Korean fans didn’t like it, at least Big Hit shouldn’t bring back Japanese and Chinese idols.

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  1. Was never a fan of the group ever since the rigged scandal but understood the busine$$ behind MNET pushing it. That being said, this does not surprise me. Her white-knights can say this was an homage to her former izone fans which is a fair argument. But like a commenter mentioned, if this was an All-Japanese concert for HKT48 in Japan, why the need for Hangul and Murashige acting like a stereotype? And from what I understand, if this is a mere skit like others are mentioning online, isn’t a skit considered comedic parody? Why now and at that stage? You don’t see the other two former Japanese izone members joining in the “homage” So why now?

    One can say this is just another example of Sakura “wanting to push her 15 minutes” the same way she’s known for doing at one of AKB’s summer games where she purposely skipped away from a group jump rope contest causing them to fail after which some thought she looked cute with the mishap. Or when she purposely went off a group dance routine of KFC at a Johnny’s television program after which the hosts asked her why she was dancing differently from the group which she answered she was just “nervous.” With that many years in the business and on stage/camera ,one would think someone with her experience would be more used to the limelight. Unless she just wanted it for herself. That’s how I’m interpreting this.


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