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Netizen Are Not Happy With The Way Olivia Rodrigo Promote Her Songs

Olivia Rodrigo and BTS are the 2 contender for No 1 on Billboard Hot 100 chart.

On May 21, BTS officially returned with the single ‘Butter’. Converging enough outstanding elements and ‘storming’ on domestic and international digital music sites, of course many people also have high hopes for the best possible performance for ‘Butter’ next week. : No.1 on Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Currently, ‘Butter’ by BTS and ‘Good 4 U’ by Olivia Rodrigo are the two leading candidates for the No.1 position on the upcoming Billboard Hot 100 chart. However, Olivia Rodrigo’s side made BTS and Knet fans angry with an inappropriate way of promoting in Korea.

Many Knets discovered an annoying detail when the official Youtube channel of Olivia Rodrigo (OliviaRodrigoVEVO) ran an ad for the ‘Good 4 U’ MV in Korea. Accordingly, the title of this advertisement is written in Korean with the content: ‘Billboard chart-topping song competing with BTS’.

The fact that Olivia Rodrigo mention BTS name in her advertisement has created a wave of criticism toward the female artist on korean forums. many people expressed their displeasure with the way the female singer’s MV ‘Good 4 U’ was promoted. They said that if she was really talented, she shouldn’t have dragged the name of BTS to promote herself in Korea, especially when the two were still competing against each other on the chart.

-She’s being seen as a monster rookie in the US, and in fact she uses pragmatic promotions like many American artists like giving ice cream, giving car wash coupons, and using other artists’ names come in with me. Ridiculous indeed!!

I guess the ice cream coupons and car wash vouchers for those who streamed her are still not enough. I even saw a tweet giving away necklaces to those who streamed music. Then why are you still doing it to this extent? Still not enough?

She is getting great support from her country while BTS’s stream is heavily filtered on Spotify… International ARMYs are fighting a long and hard battle. But things like this only make us stronger.

-The person who first discovered this ad posted it on a tweet and was stoned by Olivia’s fans and BTS’s anti-fans for thinking it was edited. She then had to post a full screen shot and a video to prove that the ad was real in Korea. But then the antis came back and ‘stoned’ this person and told her to take care of her own life first. Really worth it!

I don’t care if she runs ads or not but please stop using BTS’s name to attract attention.

I really hope BTS wins.

As far as I check, this is not an ad run directly by Olivia’s Youtube channel, but 1theK runs indirectly. But anyway, it was her Korean promotion team that did it.

Seeing them openly advertise their music stream makes me worry about BTS, but they did a great job anyway.

BTS’s anti-fans are currently inviting each other to stream this song to get in the way of the group on the Billboard Hot 100.

I don’t understand why she has to promote in this ridiculous way in Korea when she’s already famous in America.

No, I’m not a fan of BTS, but why promote like this in Korea?… I can’t believe it!! I’m not a fan of BTS but seeing this makes me want to help them even more. Can anyone tell me how to help BTS? Can I stream songs on Spotify? Is there anything else that can be done to help the group?

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