Knet Reaction To iKON Bobby On Mnet Kingdom

The iKON member has left a strong impression among fans

The Mnet Survival Show “Kingdom: Legendary War” is reaching its final stage. Among the competition, iKON is one of the contestants who gathers much attention among netizen. And one of the group member is leaving a strong impression on his fans.

Specifically, a post on Pann mentions Bobby of iKON, who is now participating in the show. In this post, the fan talks about how the rapper of iKON remains comfortable on stage, despite constantly receiving bad results compared to his competitor.

Pann: The reason Bobby is quite comfortable on Kingdom

Looking at Bobby on Kingdom, he didn’t seem too pressured by the show. Still professional, but compared to the rest of the iKON members, he seems much more relaxed. While the bandmates, despite trying to act okay, are still sad because of the ranking…?

So I started thinking, maybe it’s because Bobby was on Show Me The Money. Like, rank is just a joke. Bobby even told the judges that YG said if you don’t win, don’t come back, as well as receiving prejudiced by other contestants because of his idol background. Bobby has been through such hardship before performing on Kingdom

The expert does not show their face, they evaluates anonymously, so he can’t laugh, and can’t react if he gets a lower rating than expected. But every time Bobby shows up, all the other contestants, everyone has to say “wow”. Conquer by his performance on stage.

Is this Bobby’s psychotherapy program? 응 yea, Mnet snake go die

It is known that Bobby has participated in Show Me The Money Season 3, and won the title of champion. Before this program, iKON themself has been through many survival competition even before debut. In this post, fans got the chance to look back at iKON’s journey, and also show their admiration for Bobby’ skills and his strong mentality.

[+90, -0] Bobby is so strong. Team B’s debut was canceled, we shot Mix & Match with the members in crisis at the same time as Show Me The Money. Being pointed at by the opponent, “I don’t need Team A or B, I’m a WINNER” and “you’re just a pretty Barbie doll”. Even so, Bobby still apologized to his opponent on behalf of his fans when fans said bad things. Add each other on katalk too.

[+70, -1] YG idols look like a delinquent but their image is ruined after going to Kingdom ㅋㅋㅋㅋ You can see how good the relationship between the iKON members is, everyone is likable, especially Bobby ㅋㅋㅋ I didn’t watch the group’s survival show before, nor did I watch Show Me, so I was really surprised when I watched Kingdom. Real rappers. Having been in the industry for a long time, it looks scary, but it turns out to be very gentle and cute.

[+64, -0] It’s amazing how everyone reacts every time Bobby comes out ㅋㅋㅋ

[+22, -0] Bobby doesn’t care about these things ㅋㅋㅋ. Also quite jealous of his strong mentality

[+12, -0] Bobby is just… insanely cute! When he teamed up with Sunwoo and Hwiyoung~ So cool

[+8, -0] I feel sorry for iKON but in the end, there’s nothing to regret. Obviously, the group was surprised at the beginning of the show when they were voted #1 by the competitors, but after that they still tried their best! The group doesn’t seem too pressured.

[+7, -0] That’s right Bobby is so cute and gentle in real life, the difference on stage from real life is so cute!

[+5, -3] Bobby is Bobby. People who are recognized in the world of idol rappers

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