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This Member of Stray Kids Has Appear In Many BTS Content

Fans are interested in the fact that Lee Know (Stray Kids) used to work with BTS

Perhaps Stray Kids fans and a part of BTS fans are no longer strange with an interesting fact about member Lee Know. Specifically, Stray Kids’ handsome main dancer used to be a backup dancer for BTS.

During his guest appearance on the show ‘TMI News’ in October 2019, Lee Know shared his memorable experience working with BTS. He recounted, “I started backing up for BTS in the song ‘Fire’. After that, I continued to participate in ‘Not Today’ and ‘Spring Day’. I’ve also performed with the group on tours a few times.’

Also on this show, Lee Know was asked if he was close or known to the BTS members. The male idol said that the members recognized him, “We met J-Hope sunbaenim during a filming at a TV station. He saw me and said: ‘Oh, you’re Lee Know right?’

Most recently, Knet has been recalling the past of Lee Know and BTS. Accordingly, the fans together reviewed the content including photos or videos of BTS that the main dancer of Stray Kids has participated.

Appearance on Not Doday MV and live performance
Appearance in J-Hope ‘Mama’ performance
Jungkook ‘Begin’ performance
Appear in a concert fancam of BTS
Accidentally appear in BTS’ photobook

Wow, Lee Know is amazing!!!

Our Minho* is very good, please support him and Stray Kids! (*Lee Know’s real name)

What’s even better is how did fans find it??

He was so handsome back then!!!

Minho is always handsome and dances well. Hope he gets more known!!

Wow, I knew he was the back-dancer in ‘Not Today’ but now I know he dances to ‘Begin’ and ‘Mama’.

Lee Know on ‘Kingdom’ is great too, please support him!!

Daebak!! How can you find such great content?!!!

BTS choreography is not easy, and now he is also very successful as main dancer of Stray Kids.

Backup dancer of BTS and now main dancer of a famous group. Lee Know is so good!!

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