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This Moment Of Aespa and IZ*ONE Ah Yujin Is Now A Hot Topic Among Netizen

Aespa Comeback Stage on SBS ‘s “Inkigayo” has gather a special kind of attention

Last week, aespa started promoting their new song “Next Level” at several weekly music shows in Korea. After the first comeback stage on KBS’s “Music Bank”, SM’s rookie girl group also had a comeback performance on SBS’s “Inkigayo” yesterday.

At “Inkigayo”, the image of aespa and Ahn Yujin (former IZ*ONE member) standing together in a frame has attracted the special attention of fans of both groups as they are both outstanding beauties of today’s young idols.

Until now, SM Entertainment has always been known as the “visual flower garden”, where most of the idols, whether they hold the official visual position or not, have outstanding beauty. But this time, many netizen disagree, as they commented that Ah Yujin visuals is very prominent compare to the SM girl group.

“Ahn Yujin is so pretty”

“I’ve heard that Giselle has very long arms, looking at it like this, her arms and neck are really long”

“Ahn Yujin is very, very, very pretty”

“They all have nice body proportions. Small faces too”

“Ahn Yujin probably doesn’t know about the existence of so-called blank spaces” (this is a meaningful compliment since her face is very pretty with clear and prominent lines)

“Ahn Yujin really has the type of actor face, doesn’t he?”

“So I can’t sympathize with the comments that flatter the idols of the big company too much, saying that they look different. I don’t mean bash aespa or anything, here it’s about approx. the distance between them is not obvious and they’re all pretty, I just can’t understand people who dump small and medium agency idols and flatter big agency idols”

“Yujin is getting prettier and prettier..ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I love you”

“ㅋㅋ Are you saying that SM’s idol’s beauty is superior to other companies… So what’s wrong with SM fans?”

“Ahn Yujin’s facial features are crazy. The aespa members are pretty too”

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