Knet React To BigHit Boygroup Concept “Not Boring At All”

Some might claim that Big Hit’s concept is the best

With the return of TXT and their track “0x1=lovesong”, Netizen has the chance to look back at Bighit previous concept that they use to promote their idols.

In the past, the concept of ‘youth’ has also been used by BTS in their ‘HYYH’ era, with noticable song include ‘I NEED U’ and ‘RUN’, this is the concept that has skyrocketed BTS to their fame, and now the mantle has been passed on to their label mate – TXT


Precarious and anxious youth

It’s been the concept since the early days of BTS’ debut, so there are some who say it’s boring, but it’s definitely the best concept…


1. It’s a fascinating concept that you can do when you’re a rookie… Honestly, I love this concept so much

2. If you are a fan of Big Hit, you will not be bored

3. I don’t get bored, please give me more

4. I’m happy, I feel so good, I don’t feel tired for anything…. This is the identity of Big Hit…

5. I joined the fandom late so I want to go back to the ‘HYYH’ era

6. I didn’t understand the title, no one said it was boring

7. I can’t forget the ‘HYYH’ era

8. Seriously, Big Hit seems to be the best at this concept

9. No one said this concept was boring.. I love this concept, I really like this song of TXT!!

10. It’s hard to see this concept often on male idols,,,,,, Big Hit, please

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