Mnet Kingdom Final Episode Announce its Winner

The Mnet survival show has crowned it new king!

On June 3, the idol competition show Kingdom: Legendary War aired its highly-anticipated live finale, in which all the competition went head-to-head with epic performances of their newly released song

The winner of “Kingdom” was determined by these factors: the groups’ cumulative scores from the previous three rounds of competition, the results of the live voting during the program’s final episode, and the digital performance of the groups’ new tracks.

On May 28, all 6 kingdom participant released a Brand new song, and the number of streams and downloads achieved by each track for the next four days counted towards the artist’s digital score. (“Kingdom” used Gaon Chart and Apple Music to tally the score)

The final round of competition worth a combined total of 50,000 points, 40 percent is determined by the digital performance of those six new songs. The remaining 60 percent was determined by votes cast during live broadcast.

After all the live votes had been tallied, host TVXQ’s Changmin announced the final winner of “Kingdom”, congratulation to Stray Kids!

The final rankings:

  1. Stray Kids
  3. ATEEZ
  4. BTOB
  5. iKON
  6. SF9


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