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Knet Reaction To The Final Result Of Kingdom: Legendary War

Did the final result of ‘Kingdom’ make Knet happy?

On the evening of June 3, episode 10 and also the finale of the show ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’ (abbreviated: ‘Kingdom’) was broadcast live on Mnet. This is the last stage of 6 groups The Boyz, Stray Kids, ATEEZ, BTOB, SF9 and iKON before the crown is announced. After many thrilling competitions with quality performances. In the end, the crown has belonged to Stray Kids – JYP’s next generation boy group.

The final result of ‘Kingdom’ attracted hundreds of Knet comments. Accordingly, many Knets congratulated Stray Kids for the group’s victory, and also encouraged iKON, BTOB, ATEEZ, The Boyz, and SF9 for their efforts to deliver great performances in all the time.

With that being said, there also mixed reaction when it comes to the total point that each group got, which was revealed by Mnet in the final episode:

1st place: Stray Kids – 38,873,040 points

2nd place: The Boyz – 23,963,497 points

3rd place: ATEEZ – 21,298,106 points

4th place: BTOB – 20,277.121 points

5th place: iKON – 13,875,888 points

6th place: SF9 – 12,712,348 points

The result is not unexpected by many Knets. Accordingly, from the beginning, many people thought that the trio ZZZ (Stray Kids, The Boyz, ATEEZ) would be at the top . Besides, throughout the show, Stray Kids continuously take the lead with an overwhelming number of points, so many people believe that unless Mnet “plays dirty”, the throne will definitely belong to them.

Next, Many Knets were impressed with The Boyz’s runner-up position. In the previous rounds, The Boyz rank hasn’t been very high. Therefore, the group’s breakthrough at the end of the journey and especially the impressive digital achievements for the song “Kingdom Come” suprise many.

Finally, many people felt bad for iKON and BTOB. Although this result was within their prediction, many people are still upset when they see two talented groups like iKON (5th place) and BTOB (4th) ranks so low, and iKON’s score is much lower than other groups. But overall, all the group has their strength and ability recognized by the viewers.

The results were nothing short of what was expected.

So proud of everyone. I hope they all eat a lot of good food and rest well!

Wow, I supported SF9!!!

The Boyz is so good, I’m crying!!

As expected, ZZZ will be at the top.

Why is BTOB’s ranking so low?

The way The Boyz managed to come back is amazing.

iKON’s score is so low, this crazy Mnet station!!!

Congratulations Stray Kids!! They have a great performance!!

This chart is exactly what I expected, that’s why I was shocked. There is really no comeback of the top groups below.

Why is iKON’s rank so low?

This score is a bit excessive…

Surprised that The Boyz ranked No.1 on that digital music, that song is really good!

iKON’s stage was great today so I thought iKON would be first.

I’m surprised that iKON and BTOB have such low ratings.

Congratulations Stray Kids! Each team gave their all and delivered great performances episode after episode.

What’s wrong with iKON’s score?!!

Groups that do not have enough international fans have the opportunity to attract international fans, and groups that have not been noticed by domestic fans will gain more attention through this. Senior idols did a great job leading the juniors. Everyone got good results.

I’m STAY so of course I voted for Stray Kids. But during the show, I really feel my heart goes out to all the teams, especially the members of team Mayfly! I will stream music to support all groups when they come back.

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