RAVI (VIXX) Got In Trouble For Sexsual Lyric Refering to Red Velvet

Fans of Red Velvet are calling out the Idols for his latest song

Ravi recently released the mini-album vol.4 “Roses”, which includes 7 love songs produced by male rappers. In particular, the b-side “Red Velvet” (feat. Jamie) received special attention because it reminded listeners of the SM girl group of the same name.

However, this b-side version has been criticized by Red Velvet fans in particular and Korean netizens in general, because the lyrics are said to have sexual nuances.

At the beginning, Ravi sings: “I took a bite of red velvet cake / Because I know you love me” as if describing the usual dessert. However, things took a different turn when the male rapper mentioned “Dumb Dumb” and “Russian Roulette” – two songs that Red Velvet had released.

Ravi even played on the word “sooyoung-haneun” (swimming) in “feeling like swimming among chocolates” and “yeri-hagien” (sensitive) in “time is too fast to be sensitive to things”. These are the names of two Red Velvet members: Joy (real name Sooyoung) and Yeri.

Because of this self-written lyrics, many netizens accused Ravi of sexually harassing Red Velvet.
Earlier, in an interview with Sports Today, Ravi answered that “Red Velvet” is not a song about a girl group but about a cake. The red velvet cake represents sweetness, and Ravi referenced Red Velvet for an added “refreshing joy”.

The male rapper explained, “The song ‘Red Velvet’ talks about the warm and sweet atmosphere in the room like a red velvet cake. I also wanted to put some fun aspects into the song, so I added “Dumb Dumb” (the title of the song by Red Velvet). I thought, since this song will immediately remind people of that girl group, why don’t I build on that?”

After this incident broke out, Ravi made an official apology through the management company GROOVL1N. The male idol said that he contacted SM to directly apologize to the Red Velvet members this morning. In addition, Ravi also confirmed that he had discussed with the distributor to remove this song on all digital music platforms, and also promised to do his best not to disappoint the audience in the future.

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