Ryujin (ITZY) Make Knet Doubt The Dancing Skills Of Aespa?

Korean netizens commented that Ryujin’s cover made them feel that aespa’s choreography was less boring.

The ITZY girls recently participated in a live broadcast on Naver NOW to celebrate member Chaeryeong’s birthday. During the show that day, all 5 members had a great time telling interesting back stories and answering fans’ questions.

When the show came to an end, aespa’s song “Next Level” was played and Ryujin immediately danced along excitedly. After that, the other members joined Ryujin and danced to the choreography of aespa’s new song.

Ryujin’s own video when dancing to “Next Level” has become the top topic of interest on online forums in Korea as netizens praise her “handsomness” appearance and dancing skills

But besides that, Ryujin’s cover caused controversy about the original choreography and aespa’s dancing ability. Some netizens frankly commented that thanks to Ryujin, the “Next Level” choreography became less boring, even claiming that the ITZY member danced better than the original

“It feels completely different… She makes the choreography look perfect”

“Dance is better than the title of this song”

“It’s crazy… I thought the choreography of this song was boring, but it’s actually just a matter of dancing skills ㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

“I used to think the choreography of this song was bad but it turns out it’s not… Ryujin dances so well”

“This made me realize that the choreography of the song is not the problem. Chaeryeong also dances beautifully”

“I used to think that the choreography for ‘Next Level’ was terrible compared to the song, but I just realized it’s not…”

“Thanks to Ryujin dancing, the choreography of this song suddenly changed and became my style… Daebak”

“She’s really good at dancing. Because she dances so well, the choreography doesn’t look boring anymore”

“It’s true that people who dance well can feel how good they are even if they dance around ㅋㅋ”

“It’s just different dance styles, why compare aespa with Ryujin?”

“Just complimenting Shin Ryujin is fine, why criticize aespa? Personally, I prefer aespa’s dance style”

“So it’s because aespa isn’t good at dancing… The choreography for this song isn’t as bland as I thought it would be”

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