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Weverse Announced That They Will Refund G-Friend Fans Membership, But Fans Are Angry

Source Music and Weverse Response have made G-Friend Fandom very angry

After more than 6 years of operation, girl group G-Friend officially disbanded on May 22 when the exclusive contract between them and the management company Source Music expired. Until now, G-Friend’s disbandment is still considered one of the biggest mysteries in Kpop because it happened so suddenly.

Since the news of G-Friend’s disbandment was just announced, many fans have wondered how Buddy’s membership package will be resolved while the expiration date is still available. And most recently, Source Music has issued a refund notice to Buddy who purchased a membership package on Weverse.

However, it is worth mentioning here that Source Music will not refund G-Friend’s fans with real money. Instead, they will compensate with Weverse cash – a virtual currency used to make purchases on the Weverse shop. But in fact, refunding with Weverse cash is said to be completely meaningless for G-Friend fans because they can’t buy anything on the Weverse shop at the moment. With the exception of the album and DVD, which were bought by fans as soon as they were released, the only thing left that G-Friend fans can buy on Weverse is the lightstick case.

For this reason, both Source Music and HYBE have faced a lot of criticism from G-Friend supporters:

“Is this company crazy? Are they taking this as a joke? What do they want us to buy on the Weverse shop? Are they joking around with fans, why are they going to return it with Weverse cash? Until the company is still a mess in the end. They’re probably paying their employees with Weverse cash, right? ㅋ

“Aside from a few albums and DVDs, this is G-Friend’s only remaining merchandise. What do they want us to buy with that virtual currency?”

“Even in the fansign compensation notice, they gave the wrong email address. The word ‘music’ was misspelled”


“Today is a member’s birthday, and another member released an OST. And this company made an announcement at 6 o’clock, right at the time the OST was released. They want fans. What to think about this? Trash company”

“The rumor of G-Friend causing a deficit also started with fans of HYBE artists trying to protect the company ㅋㅋ They’re actually profitable

“In Eunha’s OST making video, she introduced herself as ‘G-Friend’s Eunha’ but then they rushed to edit and cut the ‘G-Friend’ part. disbandment was brought out very suddenly”

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