Netizen Are Speechless at Red Velvet Joy Debut Stage

Joy (Red Velvet) Solo debut stage has met with criticism from Netizen

Last night on June 5, Joy had her first performance with the title song “Hello” on Music Bank. Although received a lot of compliments from netizens, her stage performance was met with a lot of negative feedback.

In contrast to the previous solo debut stage of the same group member (Wendy), Joy’s performance was a big disappointment, especially in terms of outfit. Many comments suggested that the excessive simplicity of costumes and stage design was the main reason why her visual was shunned. Besides, fans also noticed that Joy was lip-syncing, which caused her to lose quite a lot of points in the eyes of Netizen

The audience can see her lip-sync very clearly

Overall, both dancers and Joy follow a retro style, but the choice of clothes was very poor. The performance stage is set in the beach setting, similar to the original MV, but only shown through the led screen, which shows the lack of effort in setting up the stage.

Does Joy sing well? It’s not a performance-heavy stage so it’s a pity, but I bet she’ll sing live in the future.

They should dress her up like in the album photos.

I think she suits a 90s song with a sexy side. Her legs are still long.

In my opinion, instead of lip-syncing, the problem here is that she lip-synced too openly.

They should at least decorate the stage for her.

I want to tie her hair.

What’s with the clothes…

I haven’t had many chances to hear her sing live before… It’s a pity that her stage is so sketchy. However, the good thing is that she performed solo so I could hear the color of her voice closely. Beautiful voice.

The choreography and performance don’t seem too intense, so there’s bound to be people talking.

I wonder why she has to lip-sync… It’s not that difficult.

She lip-synced really well… Lips from beginning to end.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen someone lip-syncing like that on stage. Joy is pretty, but what’s with her hair and clothes. But the song is good.

Her clothes, hair, and lip-syncing is a mess. Please save our Joy.

I feel so hypocritical when her lips don’t match the lyrics. And what kind of outfit is that? Joy saved them all with her freshness. But Joy is so pretty.

What is this? I thought this was a comedy show, the comedian intentionally lip-synced in an exaggerated way. Also, I don’t know what kind of outfit it is…

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