Rumors that Jennie (BLACKPINK) Was Once Slapped By Han Ye Seul for Dating Teddy

The old rumors about the relationship between actress Han Ye Seul, producer YG Teddy and Jennie (BLACKPINK) suddenly exploded again.

Recently, controversies about Han Ye Seul’s love relationship appeared a lot in the new. Accordingly, Han Ye Seul’s boyfriend Ryu Sung Jae was exposed by reporters that in the past, he has worked in nightclubs and made money from rich ladies, even willing to entertain them.

Due to this incident, rumors related to Han Ye Seul past relationship has re emerge. Specifically, The actress used to date YG producer Teddy. Rumors about the love triangle between Han Ye Seul – Teddy – Jennie (BLACKPINK) suddenly exploded again after a famous Youtube channel claimed that the actress once slapped Jennie in the face because of jealousy.

A Korean Youtube Channel titled ‘Garo Sero Institute’, which are run by lawyer Kang Yong Suk and former journalist Kim Yong Ho, focus mainly on exposing entertainment and political scandal. The channel has recently mentioned the dating scandal of Han Ye Seul, confirming that the actress boyfriend was indeed, a male escort (which was later confirm by Dispatch).

The 2 host also mentioned the actress previous relationship, saying that when Han Ye Seul and Teddy were still dating, Teddy was suddenly interested in Jennie. When she heard that the two were dating behind her back, Han Ye Seul was shocked, and slapped the female idols.

YG has denied the dating rumor of Jennie and Teddy

The dating rumors between Teddy and Jennie, which were “in the past”, are now exploding because of Han Ye Seul’s case. Many netizens were shocked and directly texted and commented to question the actress about the truth.

Under Han Ye Seul’s Instagram post on June 4, a Knet asked Han Ye Seul: ‘Is it true that you slapped Jennie?’ and the actress replied, ‘I haven’t even met Jennie even once’.

This response of the actress also reassured the fans somewhat. However, many Knets are still skeptical, as many reporters in the industry have mentioned rumors of a love triangle between Han Ye Seul – Teddy – Jennie in the past. Meanwhile, many other fans were upset when Jennie’s name was suddenly dragged into this scandal.

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