Netizen Reaction To The Rating of Aespa’s Knowing Bros Episode

The rating was not as everyone has anticipated

On June 5, the aespa members appeared on JTBC’s popular variety show “Knowing Bros.” It can be said that aespa is a rare case of becoming a guest of “Knowing Bros” when it has only been released for less than a year.

Although the latest episode of “Knowing Bros” has brought excitement to fans for its moments of talent showcasing the 4 members, it seems that aespa’s appearance on the show was not well received by the audience. Korean fakes warmly received. The episode “Knowing Bros” with the participation of SM’s rookie girl group recorded an average nationwide rating of 2.5%.

Many explanations have been given to explain the modest rating results that aespa brought to “Knowing Bros”. A part of Korean netizens thinks that this is an inevitable result when the guest of the show is just a rookie, and does not have enough recognition in Korea. Meanwhile, others said that the guests should not be blamed because “Knowing Bros” itself is not as interesting as before.

“Hul, I’m surprised the ratings are lower than I thought”

“Because aespa is so bland and not to mention they’re not a popular group anymore”

“I haven’t watched the show yet but I’ve searched all the videos in the episode of aespa to watch. It’s not because of aespa, it’s just that ‘Knowing Bros’ itself is not fun anymore”

“”Knowing Bros” is the only variety show I watch, but I didn’t watch yesterday’s episode because aespa are rookies, I don’t know who they are. If an idol I don’t know appears on “” Knowing Bros” I would definitely skip that episode”

“First of all, the audience doesn’t know who aespa is because they’re rookies…”

“It’s so bland and the audience doesn’t even know who aespa is, so the viewer ratings are right..”

“Now that the guests are not the problem, the show itself is too boring”

“Stop blaming low ratings on idols”

“But ‘Knowing Bros’ isn’t really fun these days”

“Is anyone watching besides the fans?”

“Because aespa is so pale It’s fun to have other SM idols on episodes”

“I have a crush on aespa too but the group is so bland so I changed the channel”

“I watch it every week, but I don’t watch their episode alone. Depending on the management company, the idols participating in this show are also discriminated against.”

“There’s no reason for high ratings when the guest is an unknown group…”

“Let’s just cancel “Knowing Bros” for now”

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